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Physical Therapy Isn’t Just About Pain Management, It’s About Optimizing Performance to Minimize Injury Risk, Too.

Performance Physical Therapy: Running Edition Jennifer Aglubat, PT, DPT, OCS “The most important thing an athlete can do to run faster and accelerate quicker is learn proper mechanics.” 1 If you ask any running coach how to improve your performance, you’re likely to get an earful on the importance of proper mechanics. Proper running mechanics […]

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Small Group High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Benefits

Improve Athletic Performance with HIIT Workouts High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts challenge your metabolism and demand adaption of your body. Each workout design is different than the previous, so that your body is constantly challenged and stimulated to improve. The science behind HIIT workouts demonstrates a boost to your body from just one workout! […]

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Improve Running Performance with 5focus South Lake Union Physical Therapy

In honor of the 10th Annual Lake Union 10K our expert physical therapist Sarah Berkshire shares some tips to improve running performance. Summer running season is in full swing and with that comes pesky running injuries. Focusing on a few few key running muscles can reduce the possibility of injury and can help you run longer and faster. […]